So today is the day that the Monaco skin is no longer useable by any user on Wikia. I've been dreading this day for over a month now, and I've still been using Monaco most of the time, but all things must one day come to an end. I'll admit I really don't hate Oasis as much as I originally did. In fact, the little bugs which were the source of most of my qualms with the new skin are disappearing the longer it is in use. However, there were some aspects and features of Monaco which were left behind, and Oasis doesn't come close to replacing them. I will always remember Monaco with a feelings fond nostalgia, even when it has become a distant memory. There's nothing I can do now but accept the change and find ways to appreciate the new skin. It will take time, but I am already becoming accustomed to it, and I may even be starting to like it. Maybe someday in the future I will be writing one of these about Oasis as Wikia switches to the next skin.

Farewell Monaco. You will always be my favorite Wikia skin, and I will miss you.

Turambar1 23:04, November 3, 2010 (UTC)