The official English version of Volume 1 of HOTD has been released and my copy is due to arrive at my house within a day or two. I think I should bring up the issue of possible changes in material. Their will no doubt be differences, mostly with names, between the official translations and the scanlations. However, I don't think we should change everything on the wiki to match the official volumes. English publishers tend to "westernize" material to make it easier to understand for the general public and improperly romanize names to make them easier to pronounce. The main characters' names have all already been properly romanized so they shouldn't change, but some of the minor ones likely will. It may be difficult to know what should and shouldn't be changed, so I think the admins will take care of this. I'd just like everyone to remember that just because the official translation says something, it doesn't mean we should use it. English publishers have been butchering manga for years, though it has gotten better in recent years. Before you do anything like move(rename) a page or change large amounts of information to match the official volumes, I ask that you please speak to an admin first. Thanks and happy editing.

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