So I've been watching Highschool of the Dead since i could remember so that would be in 2010. During the season I've noticed quite a few things that had caught my eye. The first thing I noticed in the series was that Takagi had found her parents and found out they were safe and had a plan. But, What about the "other kids" (Takashi and Rei)? I understand that in the start of the second episode that Rei had called her father and found out he was safe but alot could have happened between then. But the other child that i had thought about was what about Arisou/Alice however you know her, What about her mom? Is her mother alive or dead that i would love to find out. So with that out of the way I want know what they did in the mall. Did they get new clothes find anything to take with them. I think theres alot to cover within the second season if it does come out. =]