As I look back on how far I've come as a HOTD fan, I've been wondering what exactly attracted me to liking HOTD so much! Could it be the either the gorgeous girls, the zombies, the ecchi, or the plot? I think to me, it's more or less of a combination of what I've said.

Could you imagine HOTD without gorgeous girls? I wonder how much the fanbase would vary if the girls were drawn pretty averagely. Also, would you want to see ecchi of either Saeko and Rei or some not-so-appealing girls? I think those 2 are pretty well related. Without them, HOTD would never the same!

Anyways, aside from the terrific art, I think the zombies were a major factor in what attracted me to watch this series. I've never seen a horror genre anime until HOTD, and I thought this was a pretty good start. Not too creepy, just a bit of gore, and some ecchi to top it off. It's not often that you see such a popular zombie anime/manga in Japan nowadays, afterall, most ecchi series are much more "brighter and happier".

The plot has always been very intriguing to me. Not that it's incredibly original or anything like that, but I liked the way how Sato-sensei mixed the highschool genre with horror/zombie genre. You don't see that very often, but the whole "outbreak" thing is getting kind of old. Regardless, it's still a thrill to watch anime of people that are the same age as you are trying to escape a zombiocalypse.

As we all know from watching the anime or reading the manga, HOTD has an abundance of ecchi and fanservice for those who like that type of stuff. Personally, I'm fine regardless if there is an ecchi or not, but a little bit of service would be nice in a while. If I could describe HOTD as a coffee, and the amount of ecchi in it as sugar, I think I'd have diabetes by now. It's almost as if there is too much of ecchi! I's so much i'm embarrassed to watch this with a girl because, as I'm sure most guys will find a slight "inconvenience" *wink wink nudge nudge*. Whatever, at least I can enjoy Blu-Ray HOTD all by myself with a nice cuppa tea and some good noms (mmmmm....episode 6....blu-ray....*drool*)

So basically, I think every bit of HOTD contributes to why I like it so much. Without any of those aspects described above, I don't think HOTD would be HOTD anymore! The HOTD we know is full of gore, zombies, hot girls, and sociopaths. Now THATs what I'm talking about!

So what made you like HOTD so much?