I created a couple of Userboxes for Takashi's group, its more for fun really and allows other members of the wiki to see your opinions on the various characters of Highschool of the Dead. These should only be placed within your User page, not on a main article based on the character of your choosing. This list includes whether or not you Like, Dislike, or merely Tolerate the person of your choice...

Link: Userboxes

I'll make more some other time, I just need time to locate the appropriate pictures for each character based off your reaction to them (for example Saeko's blank look of indifference in the "User Tolerates Saeko" Userbox) and you don't have to us these, I just was skimming through other wikis and noticed that they have more customization for User pages then this site does and I thought it we could use that. And if you can figure it out, go ahead and try to change them up, but try to create a new Userbox instead of morphing the ones I already made if you would please (because most likely i'll just change them back)! Message me if you need help doing so...

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