Zombie Saeko

So if she's aroused by killing "Them", what happens if she is one of "Them"? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

As I was rereading the manga from the beginning I noticed something very strange on the front cover of the first volume. As you look around the front cover you can see one of the infected (directly beneath Hisashi) who strikes a near identical resemblance to Saeko! At first I thought it was just a fun little thing, but as i continued onward the infected present on the front covers of the other volumes were only infected that either were previously infected or zombified versions of people infected in the volume itself. With the Manga on an unofficial hold, again >:(, I wonder whether or not Saeko is "doomed" to become of Them later on in the series. Foreshadowing can be such a bitch sometimes...
What do you think will happen to Saeko later down the line?

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