After watching the first episode again, I noticed that Hisashi might have had a chance to survive his endeavor with the infected Wakisaka. If you notice, Wakisaka's bite did NOT draw blood from Hisashi's arm (but instead sent blood flying from his own mouth) at first meaning that if Takashi acted quick enough he could have saved him. Instead of acting on saving Hisashi (I mean come on, he just hit Wakisaka once and quit trying until Hisashi was fully bit), Takashi talks to himself about how Wakisaka's dead but still moving which gives the zombie enough time to chomp a good bit out of Hisashi's arm. What Takashi could have done was keep hitting Wakisaka until he was dead, he would also have to hit Wakisaka's head horizontally so Takashi wouldn't reinforce Wakisaka's bite. Then again, what if Takashi knew he could have saved Hisashi but chose not to? who knows Death to Sorrow 00:24, July 18, 2012 (UTC)