Souichiro Takagi


Souichiro Takagi




Takagi Souichirō








181cm (5'11")



VA (Japanese)

Joji Nakata

VA (English)

Andrew Love

Souichiro Takagi (高城壮一郎, Takagi Souichirō) is the Don of the Tokonosu prefecture's ultra-nationalist organization. Souichiro is also the father of Saya Takagi and husband of Yuriko Takagi . He is a strong leader, even after the outbreak, and he will do whatever he can to keep Japanese society from collapsing.


Souichiro is the Don of a right-wing political association of Tokonosu, and he is a very wealthy man. His leadership skills are very strong, and he serves as an example for Takashi Komuro while the group is at the Takagi house. He truly wants what is best for the city, shown by his decision to take responsibility of the water and electricity, but he has a hard time conveying this to the people since they are strongly opposed to his political views.

Souichiro Tolerate

Souichiro's Anime appearance


He is tall and intimidating with the gaze of a predatory animal. Saya inherited his eyes as they have same eye color and he has jet black hair.


Not much is known about his early life but he is the leader of an ultra-nationalist political right wing group. His wife fell in love with him because of his charisma and leadership skills. He is  highly-trained in swordsmanship and in the ways of the samurai. He was trained by Saeko Busujima's father.


Souichiro has a harsh and dark outward appearance, but he is not really as ruthless as he first appears. He genuinely cares about the safety and well-being of the citizens and society of Tokonosu, though he doesn't seem to show it. Overall, he has a personality perfectly fit for a leadership role. He understands that things must always be done which will preserve that which is most important.


He added a rather pointed illustration by killing his zombified subordinate. Later on, he insists that Kohta Hirano give up his weapons. However, Kohta's friends (including Saya) rallied for Kohta and supported him. It is implied that he was impressed by their willingness to challenge him and allows Kohta to maintain the weapons he took from Rika's house.

It is also shown that Saya hates her father more than her mother because he didn't ensure her safety when the outbreak started in Japan. Souichiro seems to be a sword expert and is skeptical about Hirano's reasons of keeping his guns until he's confronted by everyone in the main group except for Shizuka Marikawa , who defends his reasons for protecting his daughter.

It is currently shown that he and his followers are preparing to leave the estate in two days time and is told by Takashi Komuro if he and his friends are not back with their parents by then, they should leave without waiting for them. However, when the zombies manage to enter the estate due to a gap from one of the barrier's inadvertently destroyed by Minibus , the Takagis, their followers, and the remaining survivors fight to hold off the invading horde until they could go to other areas of the neighborhood that were not breached. Before Takashi & his entourage leave the estate, Kohta and Takashi swore to Saya's father to protect her and Saya tells her parents that she loves them before they attempt their escape. Souichiro and his wife were last seen fighting against the horde with rest of the estate survivors while saying that they were proud of their daughter and the friends she made. Their fate is currently unknown as his wife and him were fighting off "them".

Killed Victims


  • In Souichiro's first appearance, some fans said that he resembled Mitsuomi Takayanagi of Tenjho Tenge for his looks. He also bears an uncanny resemblance to Kyohshiroh Toudou of the Code Geass franchise.

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