The Smith & Wesson M37 Air Weight is a revolver that is the standard issue firearm for police officers in Tokonosu City. It was used briefly by Takashi Komuro, Kohta Hirano and later by Asami Nakaoka.


"Although most police officers today use M60 revolvers, different officers use different types of guns, so that is what I was trying to show by including this." - Daisuke Sato

The M37 Air Weight is a small revolver used primarily as a standard issue firearm for the police officers in Tokonosu City. It is compact and relatively light in comparison to the M36 Chief's Special, another model used by police officers, due to its aluminum alloy frame. It is also easy to use, as Takashi was able to operate it without prior knowledge or experience with firearms. The gun holds 5 .38 caliber rounds and can fire them in succession. It is black and metallic in appearance, and it has a short barrel in comparison to the rest of the gun.

The M37 was manufactured in America by the firearms company Smith & Wesson. It was used by the Tokonosu City police officers for at least a short time before the Outbreak as Asami has had training with it. Also, Rei Miyamoto notes that she had some experience with her father's M37, or similar model, sometime before the Outbreak. When Takashi found the M37, it had been in active use by an on-duty police officer in Tokonosu City until the officer died sometime during the Outbreak.


The M37 revolver is the standard sidearm for the police, and is seen being used during the riot at the bridge. Takashi gets one from two dead police officers, one fully loaded, another damaged with usable ammo. He then uses it to shoot a crazed survivor at point blank when he holds Rei at knifepoint. Having little skill with it, he tosses it to Kohta, who automatically shows superb skill. Despite having little skill with it, it is given back to Takashi as his sidearm. In the mall, they decide to give it to the police woman to assist her. It is last seen used by her to threaten a survivor who tries to assault Shiazka. When checking the East Police Station, Hirano takes Officer Kato's M37, but remarks that it is empty. It is unknown if he took it with him.