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Shouji Sato






Manga Artist

Notable Works

Highschool of the Dead, Triage X, FIRE FIRE FIRE

Shouji Sato (佐藤ショウジ, Satō Shōji) is a Japanese manga artist who does hentai and non-hentai artwork. He has also published various dōjinshi under the pen name Inazuma. He is the former assistant of mangaka Koushi Rikudou, the creator of the popular manga series Excel Saga.



  • Futari Bocchi Densetsu (ふたりぼっち伝説) (2004 Shōnen Gahōsha)
  • Gakuen Mokushiroku (学園黙示録 HIGHSCHOOL OF THE DEAD, Highschool of the Dead) (2007— Fujimi Shobo), illustrator
  • Triage X (トリアージX) (2009-ongoing; Fujimi Shobo)
  • FIRE FIRE FIRE (トリプルファイヤー) (2008-2010; 2 Volumes; Shueisha)


  • Despite sharing the same last name as his partner, Shouji is not related to Daisuke Sato.
  • Shouji makes a voice cameo as one of Them in the eighth anime episode of Highschool of the Dead. His partner Daisuke also cameoed in the second episode as Okada, a zombified student.

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