The mop handle is an ordinary mop handle with its head pulled off. With a sharp end because of a nail at the end, Rei Miyamoto used this as a weapon during the initial outbreak at Fujimi Academy. Rei used the mop handle as a spear when escaping the school and to utilize her skills as a member of the sojutsu club.


"A grade schooler's dream tool (for cleaning time). It can be a bass guitar, a rifle with a bayonet... Oh yeah, one way you can have fun with these is if you take an overturned desk, attach four of these things to it, put it on top of another desk, and pretend it is some kind of antiaircraft defense. If you can get about five guys in on it, you will have a blast." - Daisuke Sato

The mop handle is a mop that had it's top pulled off to make it as a weapon. It is used like a spear, but is not the most reliable weapon in the series.


As with the Metal Bat, the mop handle is a weapon that is found by Hisashi after Takashi convinces him to leave class. Hisashi gives this to Rei, and he decides to fight unarmed. Because of this descision, he is bitten by one of Them.

Rei uses this in a short battle against one of the infected, where she pulls the heart out. Because of this battle, Takashi's group realizes that the brain has to destroyed to kill one of them.

Afterwards, Rei uses it to defend herself in a couple battles. In the incident with the thug, Rei is forced to leave this behind (Though in the anime, she leaves it behind at Rika's home after getting the bayonet sniper rifle).