The Kiku Crest Luger P08 is a recoil-operated semi-automatic pistol used by the German military in both World Wars I and II which has been marked with the "Kiku crest" emblem. Yuriko Takagi owns a model of the Luger P08 with a removable stock and a 32-round drum magazine. Yuriko gives the gun to her daughter Saya Takagi before the group leaves the Takagi Estate.


The P08 is a German pistol that was made for officers before the Walther P-38. The magazine differs for every variant. Yuriko's particular Luger is the artillery model, issued to artillerymen as a cheaper alternative to a rifle. It is different from most models because it has an extended barrel, removable stock, and drum magazine.


Saya is given the P08 by her mother before fleeing the estate. She is only seen using it once, although she always carries it around in her hands. She soon goes to Kohta and complains how she can not use her Luger, after which she is he gives her an MP5SFK that he found.


  • It is most likely a P08 artillery model, since it has a long barrel and a drum magazine. But it could be based off of the Luger P04 Navy model, because the sights are raised and appear to be adjustable but are on the rear of the frame, this is a feature found only on the P04. The P08 artillery (the only other luger with an elongated barre)l has it's adjustable rear sight on the barrel.
  • Luger P08's are prized by collectors for its craftsmanship, accuracy, and its association with Nazi Germany. Saya's model is especially rare, with the P04/Artillery barrel and drum magazine.