Hiro Tamaru (田丸ヒロ, Tamaru Hiro) was one of the survivors the group encountered at the mall. He is one of the four who go to the clinic to find supplies for the old woman's blood tranfusion.


Tamaru death

Tamaru's death

Hiro is one of the survivors of the group that Asami Nakaoka is in charge of at the mall. He appears to be a few years older than Takashi Komuro and the others. When he is first seen, he seems rude and uncaring, but he later disproves this by showing genuine concern when the old woman is dying and helping retrieve medical supplies needed to save her.


Hiro has short, light hair, glasses, and earings. He also has a goatee and some other light facial hair. He wears a large, unzipped jacket over his shirt, tan cargo pants, work boots, and fingerless gloves. He also wears a pair of headphones around his neck and a necklace with a skull on it.


Nothing is known about Hiro's history other than he used to get check-ups at the clinic by the mall as a child, and he enjoyed reading the manga in their waiting room. In his adult life, he visited a ramen shop and ate while listening to music, much to the chef's annoyance.


Despite sometimes speaking harshly and using a lot of profanity, Hiro is a kind person and shows concern for other people's situations.


Hiro is first seen in the group meeting between Asami and the survivors in the mall. He is among the people who are expressing their dicontent with Asami's leadership and questioning the abilities of the police. His attitude towards Asami quickly changes after she confronts Shimada with her gun while he is attempting to rape Shizuka Marikawa. Later, when Asami and Kohta Hirano are on the roof together, Hiro is seen running out to the parking lot to inform them that "that granny's" sick and in need of a blood transfusion. He stands near her bed while the others decide what to do. He then goes with Takashi, Kohta, and Asami to the clinic to get the blood and medical supplies for the old woman's tranfusion. He helps fight "them" off in the clinic, then goes to the back and fills his bag up with supplies. They get cornered in the back room and decide to go through the ceiling to the second floor. Hiro keeps "them" from entering through the window while the others climb up, then follows. However, "they" grab his legs as he is climbing and he knows he is dead. He begs Takashi to shoot him, but Takashi can't do it. Asami steps up and asks him what his name is, saying he will never be forgotten, then shoots him.