Here is a list of userboxes that you may use on your personal user page, please note that you may add your own userboxes if you wish, but any inappropriate content will be removed and deleted.

Special thanks to the following for making these:

Takashi's Group

Takashi Komuro

Takashi Like This user likes Takashi Komuro.
Takashi Dislike This user dislikes Takashi Komuro.
Takashi Tolerate This user tolerates Takashi Komuro.

Rei Miyamoto

Rei Like This user likes Rei Miyamoto.
Rei Dislike This user dislikes Rei Miyamoto.
Rei Tolerate This user tolerates Rei Miyamoto.

Saeko Busujima

Seako Like This user likes Saeko Busujima.
Saeko Dislike This user dislikes Saeko Busujima.
Saeko Tolerate This user tolerates Saeko Busujima.

Saya Takagi

Saya Like This user likes Saya Takagi.
Saya Dislike This user dislikes Saya Takagi.
Saya Tolerate This user tolerates Saya Takagi.

Kohta Hirano

Kohta Like This user likes Kohta Hirano.
Kohta Dislike This user dislikes Kohta Hirano.
Hirano Tolerate This user tolerates Kohta Hirano.

Shizuka Marikawa

Shizuka Like This user likes Shizuka Marikawa.
Shizuka Dislike This user dislikes Shizuka Marikawa.
Shizuka Tolerate This user tolerates Shizuka Marikawa.

Alice Maresato

Alice Like This user likes Alice Maresato.
Alice Dislike This user dislikes Alice Maresato.
Alice Tolerate This user tolerates Alice Maresato.


Zeke Like This user likes Zeke.
Zeke Dislike This user dislikes Zeke.
Zeke Tolerate This user tolerates Zeke.

Shido's Group

Koichi Shido

Shido Like This user likes Koichi Shido.
Shido Dislike This user dislikes Koichi Shido.
Shdio Tolerate This user tolerates Koichi Shido.

Yuuki Miku

Yuuki Like This user likes Yuuki Miku.
Yuuki Dislike This user dislikes Yuuki Miku.
Yuuki Tolerate This user tolerates Yuuki Miku.


Tsunoda Like This user likes Tsunoda.
Tsunoda Dislike This user dislikes Tsunoda.
Tsunoda Tolerate This user tolerates Tsunoda.


Kurokami like This user likes Kurokami.
Kurokami Dislike This user dislikes Kurokami.
Kurokami Tolerate This user tolerates Kurokami.


Taniuchi Like This user likes Taniuchi.
Taniuchi Dislike This user dislikes Taniuchi.
Taniuchi Tolerate This user tolerates Taniuchi.


Kawamoto Like This user likes Kawamoto.
Kawamotto Dislike This user dislikes Kawamoto.
Kawamoto Tolerate This user tolerates Kawamoto.


Miura Like This user likes Miura.
Miura Dislike This user dislikes Miura.
Miura Tolerate This user tolerates Miura.


Yamada Like This user likes Yamada.
Yamada Dislike This user dislikes Yamada.
Yamada Tolerate This user tolerates Yamada.

Takagi Estate Survivors

Souichiro Takagi

Souichiro like This user likes Souichiro Takagi.
Souichiro Dislike This user dislikes Souichiro Takagi.
Souichiro Tolerate This user tolerates Souichiro Takagi.

Yuriko Takagi

Yuriko Like This user likes Yuriko Takagi.
Yuriko Dislike This user dislikes Yuriko Takagi.
Yuriko Tolerate This user tolerates Yuriko Takagi.


Matsudo Like This user likes Matsudo.
Matsudo Dislike This user dislikes Matsudo.
Matsudo Tolerate This user tolerates Matsudo.

Other Stuff


Fine with Fanservice This user fine with fanservice.
Less Fanservice This user would like to see less Fanservice.
More Fanservice This user would like to see more Fanservice.


Thinks Takashi should get with Rei This user would like to see Rei and Takashi get back together.
Thinks Takashi should get with Saeko This user thinks that Takashi should choose to date Saeko.
Thinks Saya and Hirano should hook up This user thinks that Saya should date Kohta.