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Fire Fire Fire
Fire Fire Fire
Japanese トリプルファイヤー
Romaji Toripurufaiyā
Genre Action, Adventure, Fantasy

Written by

Shouji Sato

Illustrated by

Shouji Sato







Original run

December 2008 - October 2010



Fire Fire Fire is a manga series written and illustrated by Shouji Sato which began serialization in volume 1 (released December 2008) of Shueisha's now-defunct bimonthly manga anthology, JC.COM. A new chapter of the series was published in each volume of JC.COM, comprising 12 total chapters (notably, however, volume 1 of the tankobon combines chapter 2 and chapter 3 into one, bringing the total chapter count within the volumes to 11), with the series officially ending in volume 12 of JC.COM (released October 2010). The series was collected and released separately in two volumes.

Shouji Sato attributes the series' sudden end to the cancellation of JC.COM as a whole and writes hopefully in volume 2 and his website that the possibility of a continuation in a different publication exists if the two volumes sell well enough.


Fire Fire Fire follows the exploits of the trio of Jiga Kirishima, Shishi-my, and Fay Hound as they adventure through the wasteland and towns they find along the way. Jiga makes a quick enemy in Khamsin of the powerful Lost Eagle Nest organization (LEN), who serves as the primary antagonist until the final chapter.


Jiga KirishimaEdit

A young boy blessed with amazing luck and a sword that can cut through nearly anything which he inherited from his father. He is on a quest to find a wife and other people who share his blood.


A dark-colored cyborg made of unusual metal who frequently switches out his limbs as needed. Notably, he has never called himself by any name; he's called Shishi-My by Jiga Kirishima and Fay Hound due to his resemblance to the traditional shishimai lion dancing costume, and he's called Obsidian by Khamsin, most likely a codename due to his black color. He is distrusting of other people and is often treacherous and sadistic.

Fay Hound/Fay HummingEdit

A mysterious woman who was once in the LEN and has a romantic history with Khamsin, but left her old life behind for unspecified reasons and adopted a pseudonym.


A high-ranking officer in the LEN who wants more than anything else Jiga Kirishima's sword. He uses a crude piece of unusual metal as a weapon and aims to be more powerful than any other person or cyborg in existence.

Misa HoundEdit

A low-ranking agent in the LEN who serves as Khamsin's assistant. She has a grudge against her older sister Fay Hound for leaving the LEN and has been in love with Khamsin for a long time.

Miznuma RenaEdit

A high-ranking officer in the LEN who shares the same blood as Jiga Kirishima. She is expelled from the LEN for betrayal and assumes the identity of Aquamarine.

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