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Daisuke Sato (佐藤大輔, Satō Daisuke) was a Japanese board game designer, novelist, and manga writer. He was known for the publication of the alternate history novels Seito (Divided Japan like Korea), Red Sun Black Cross (Japan fights against Germany) and so on, and the manga series Imperial Guards (Army with saber-toothed tigers) and Highschool of the Dead.

On March 22, 2017, Sato passed away from ischaemic heart disease.[1]



  • レッドサン ブラッククロス Red Sun Black Cross
    • リターン トゥ ヨーロッパ Return to Europa
    • エスコート フリート Escort Fleet
  • ニイタカヤマノボレ Niitakayama Nobore (Climb the New High Mountain)
  • ベトナム戦争 War in Vietnam


  • 逆転・太平洋戦史 Gyakuten Taiheiyou Senshi (Reversed Pacific War History)
  • 信長シリーズ Nobunaga series
  • 征途 Seito (Victory Road)
  • Red Sun Black Cross
  • 侵攻作戦パシフィック・ストーム Shinkou Sakusen Pacific Storm (Strike Operation Pacific Storm)
  • 遥かなる星 Harukanaru Hoshi (Distant Star)
  • 東京の優しい掟 Tokyo no Yasashii Okite (Gentle Rule of Tokyo)
  • 虚栄の掟 Kyoei no Okite (Vanity Rule)
  • 地球連邦の興亡 CHIKYU-RENPOU no Koubou (Rise and Fall of FEDERATION, EARTH)
  • 皇国の守護者 Koukoku no Shugosha (Imperial Guards)
  • 鏖殺の凶鳥 Ousatsu no Huckebein (Genocider Huckebein)
  • 黙示の島 Mokushi no Shima (Apocalyptic Island)
  • 平壌クーデター作戦 静かなる朝のために Pyongyang Coup d'État Sakusen - Shizukanaru Asa no Tameni (Conspiracy of Coup d'État in Pyongyang - For the Peaceful Morning)
  • And some other short stories


  • 日米決戦2025 Nichi-Bei Kessen 2025 (JA-US Final Battle in 2025)
by Daisuke Tō (another name of Satō), Yoshifumi Kobayashi and others
  • And some other books those were used the name of Daisuke Tō
  • Imperial Guards
by Daisuke Satō and Yū Itō
  • 学園黙示録 HIGHSCHOOL OF THE DEAD Gakuen Mokushiroku Highschool of the Dead (Apocalypse in the School - )
by Daisuke Satō and Shōji Satō


  • Despite sharing the same surname, Daisuke and Shouji Sato are unrelated.
  • In the second anime episode of Highschool of the Dead, Daisuke made a brief voice cameo as Okada, a zombified student. His partner Shouji later cameod as one of Them in the eighth episode.