Melee Weapon


560 mm

The crowbar is a metal melee weapon found by Saya Takagi in the Arts and Crafts classroom and used by Takashi Komuro for a brief time at Rika Minami's house.


"'It is what it is.' That sounds like it could be a movie title or something." -Daisuke Sato

A simple tool used in removing nails, prying apart boards, and generally breaking things. It is also an effective weapon due to its strong design.


Saya finds the crowbar in the Arts and Crafts classroom, and she brings it with her.

In Rika's house, Takashi pries open a weapons locker and finds guns and ammunitions. Unfortunately, Takashi does not know how to use the guns, and he is forced to use the crowbar against the infected to save Alice.

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