Barnett Wildcat C5




2.8 kg

Draw Weight

150 lbs

Made in


The Barnett Wildcat C5 is a hunting crossbow owned by Rika Minami. It is only briefly seen while the group is at Rika's house, and it has not yet been used in combat.


"I actually have one of these. Pulling the arrow back requires a lot of skill and strength. This crossbow is meant to be used on deer and bears, but there are no regulations on these in Japan, so you can buy them freely (you do not need to register it either). Only problem is it's expensive and there are not a lot of places where you would be able to use it." -Daisuke Sato


The Wildcat C-5 is found in Rika's weapon locker. Although found, none of the characters actually use it or has been seen since leaving Rika's house with it. So it is unknown they brought it or not.

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