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• 2/26/2017

Rei and Takashi Shipping

so we see that Rei and Takashi loved each other in H.O.T.D.

so my opinion is that Rei and Takashi that they should be together, 

help each other fight other Zombies and Bad Guys, 

Rescue each other when they are in trouble 

and Love each other. 

so what does your Opinion think of Rei x Takashi Shipping?

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• 3/3/2017

There has been zero (legit) rumors of a second season. Stop trying to start stuff.

• 3/19/2017
• 5/22/2017
i didn't say anything about season 2. 

i was just saying about the Rei x Takashi shipping. 

• 5/22/2017

Considering it said the thread was edited two hours ago, I highly doubt that.

• 7/28/2018
Where they did love each other AT ONE POINT, who was the first girl takashi kissed in the anime and manga *cough cough saeko* later said girl telling takashi that he was her reason for living and if he died she couldn't go on living. Further more who ended up dragging takashi off in episode 13 ( hallucination or no). So obviously saekashi is pretty much Canon
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